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Price and Purchase Today's Price. Save to List. Understanding what Jehovah's Witnesses teach and believe is crucial to counteract their aggressive evangelism campaigns. The "within this generation" thing is completely misinterpreted and misapplied. For those non JW readers, C. He advocated conscientious objection and spent the 2 years in obscurity, depressed and dejected as he was not instantly transported to heaven.

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The upstate farm in Walkill[9] provided the food and basically formed a subsistence feudal economy for the WTBS. Even worse the recent collide of the no transfusion or transplant belief with the newly available Corneal and Lens transplants that members of the Governing Body were undertaking in order to be able to read their Bibles with greater visual comfort directly flaunted their own refusal of blood. I expounded the dichotomy slowly and clearly confirmed that this was why I could not continue on with such a misguided, depressed and schizophrenic organisation and belief system.

Mary would not hear a word of this and I think today she is still actively involved travelling with her husband between congregations encouraging belief in the prophecies and dates as they continue to come and go. The Bible she nearly tore apart in two in her cathartic fit is still in a box somewhere, as bent and disheveled as the outcome of the conversation for our relationship. The Governing Body of the WTBS, whomever they are, often ask the question, "who really is the faithful and discrete slave?

They pull the same slight of hand with the date and the length of a generation[12], never making a printed date but encouraging the readers to make the connection, then stating they never actually published an actual date. The same was true of the and dates as years of mans creation anniversary. Not only are the Millions living then that they referred to now all dead but by they had to quietly sell of the shining assets they acquired for their expected, but unrealised, resurrected faithful such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel Moses and so on.

By more than , followers were able to be counted and their interpretation of Revelation enumerating just , as the total number of faithful to survive Armageddon began to be a little glaringly obviously fraught misunderstanding and misinterpretation of scripture. Isaiah was the basis for this. John probably won the Loyalty prize to step up to run the organization in NZ by disfellowshiping his brother.

It broke his mothers spirit to see the enmity over this situation play out under JW judicial edicts that are still in effect and divide families to this day. The contemporary religious fervor of Gender Bias in Domestic Violence[19] sees us apply a Drop of the Hat Protection Orders in the same manner to exclude intra personal communications we do not want to hear, divide families and assign blame, as it escalates hostilities even further under this draconian style thinking and likewise it also belongs to the annals of failed policy or belief.

Reza Aslan[20] is one of the great independent socio-religio-political thinkers of our time was a recent speaker at the Writers Festival in Auckland this year. I can only encourage people to do a little research through his publications and have a think about the sensible unbiased observational nature he brings to this discipline of religious description. I'm so glad that both Brittany and Alex are independent thinkers on issues of Faith and choose to follow their own intuitions. For me Armageddon is each individual's crisis of faith when "all things are burnt away and replaced with a new heavens and a new earth" of free thought and individual belief and faith.

The last 3 questions they ask before applying the disfellowshiping or excommunicating are;. Obviously a false prophecy and unfortunately they died in vain of their beliefs as sold to them by the WTBS.

Self inflicted wounds are not proof of belief. The same answer as the first and,. Society lawyer Hayden G. Covington[22] told the court that although the Society had for decades published a "false prophecy He explained: "You must understand we must have unity, we cannot have disunity with a lot of people going every way.

An open letter to Jehovah's Witnesses

In essence all 3 are answered by a Faith in yourself and faith in others rather than a faith in "God". Faith in yourself is Faith in God in my book because I believe we all aspire to be better and to comprehend and understand our lives with a purposeful meaning, or at least hope for better for our children. Every book the JW's ever wrote is intended to destroy individual belief and replace it with a belief in the constructed framework of the JW religion and its particular view of a still Vengeful and Petty Judeo-Christian Monotheistic Jealous God.

They try one last trick of depressed transference however ;. Raymond Franz[25], the nephew of Governing Body Member Fred Franz also reached similar conclusions to Tony and drew on his works to produce his belated pedestrian and often petty interpersonal account as he had not the same higher education opportunity that Tony was exposed to.

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It made me mentally ill trying to coalesce, internalise and accept all this activity. However it makes people who go near it suffer mental illness trying to gag down upon its unpalatable rules, regulations and beliefs, because by definition it is a mentally ill dogma. Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, whom ever, all mentally ill and demonstrably so. Even Moses after all the drama of leaving Egypt suffers a mental health period of inaction and indecision for 40 years unable to act and resorting to anger and smashing his tablets to get his way. No wonder only 3 SS officers could march people men, women and children at a time into a gas chamber.

sexual abuse Jehovah's Witnesses

The entire Haggadic Midrash[26] period of the Bible, the Maccabean period if you have a Douay version with its extended Cannon, with its prophetic doomsday view is just a circular depressive retake on everyday current events predicting an even larger future depressive outcome, the name we give this…Prophecy. Attaining good mental health is a choice.

Unfortunately it takes action that depressed people find hard to undertake. There are no guarantees in life after making such decisions either. Life is to be lived, not observed. And just as his date failed so he changed his measurements[30] in his books. In truth CT Russell probably did not trust his own predictions and was probably as surprised a s anyone could be at the coincident outbreak of The Great War. Given that the July Watchtower is pointing the way to reinterpreting the date and generation time span, the decent thing for the Governing Body to do would be to rescind all the millions of Disfellowshipings ever undertaken by the WTBS organisation.

If the touchstone has been removed, so should the consequences of questioning it. This is the Human and Decent thing to do. Covington[32] told the court that although the Society had for decades published a "false prophecy And just preceding this… In his study of the Witnesses and their history, Tony Wills has suggested that when third president Nathan H. Knorr altered major doctrines established by his predecessor, J. Rutherford , he was returning the Witnesses to many of Russell's teachings.

He asked: "How can the Society harmonize this circular development with the claimed progressive development? I have to thank Barbara Anderson for looking over the material and checking facts as I live way down in New Zealand and these days have to rely on Internet searches that may or may not be correct. As it happens by chance, Barbara wrote about Major Spry in the reference I included on him, but after she left Bethel as part of the Writing Department staff, and in Lulu.

Nora Barry was Lloyds sister, not ex wife, as I initially recalled after thinking back and making the comments about spiritualism I sent you be email, which I believe are quite correct as they made a dramatic impression on me as a 12 year old. The reason is that he was supposedly scientifically investigating all options of belief open to him to confirm his Russellite commitment.

Also was her recounting of a witness family Lloyd had contact in America in the midwest somewhere.

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As Lloyd rapidly left the scene he noticed that many of the Businesses in the area were called Harper I wonder if this is a resonant recollection from your time with Lloyd?