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The wailing started when the women were allowed forward. I fought to keep my eyes from glassing over or rolling as he started showing the first signs of passion. It was always the same, he would come in and rattle off his numbers in his status reports and then start in on what he wanted to do going forward.

I smacked the desk and he cut off and stared apprehensively. Why are you still talking about added content to the online game? The final tallies were missing and I looked at him inquiringly.

My Turn-ons Include Napalm

I must have had a severe expression because he flinched and actually brought his hands up as if I would strike him. He gave me a sheepish turning over gesture. I flipped the page and glanced down and then bent over the paper in shock. The stupid multiplayer online game in one month had exceeded the projections for the money laundering for the entire year. I looked up at the Leper with a big smile. I almost declared him clean for the public on the spot, but then I would have to explain; this was no time to make fun of my little genius who might turn me almost legitimate. The rest will be spread around in profit sharing for the team working on it.

He probably wanted all the profits for generating new content. I want it standard across the board. My scramble phone rang and I looked at it nervously. Thanks for your hard work. The Leper gathered his stuff and fled. He probably thought that his evil cousin might change his mind if he had a chance to reconsider. I dug the phone out of the locked drawer and opened it and only dimly registered that the number was unfamiliar.

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I nearly dropped the phone. There was a long silence on the other end. I opened my mouth ready to apologize. The guys that gave me a lift from school have some family problems. I need a favor to help resolve the issue. I need assault rifles, grenades, mortars if you can get some, and plenty of napalm. Oh yeah and some high grade sniper rifles would be great and make sure all the guns have fire suppression.

Check your email.

There was no subject and no body but there was a picture. How about mercs? I can send you some guys.

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I knew for a fact that several of the aggressive family were given high clearance in the CIA. It was easy to get this number and your email. I leaned back in my chair and struggled not to trace the call. Nina would have taken care of that but the desire to have a solid point of contact was strong. I grabbed my desk phone to call in the only two family members I trusted to give them the good news.

The virgin jungle was cleared in a matter of days and the men and women were already being trained by the Tanakas. I would have left the villagers out of it all together but it seemed unfair.

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Not for the first time I marveled at how quick and efficient the Tanaka members were. Even exiled to Brazil they had kept up their traditions and still served me as well as their ancestors served mine. My uncle Shiro was supposed to have called by now and he was behaving rather squirrelly on the phone last we chatted.

The main Tanaka force in Japan would stick out like a polar bear in the Sahara. I would just have to stay in constant contact with him to make sure. The jungle suddenly felt a little warmer and I fought down the butterflies in my stomach. I should have eaten more at lunch. Guerilla work always required more energy. Cheetoh jogged by with a newly formed squad and I fought down the urge to tell him to cut off those orange dreadlocks again. An image of Fritz with orange hair came unbidden into my mind and I fought to keep the severe expression on my face. A young woman who had been staring at me in adoration screwed up her face in concern.

I glared at her until she scurried off with food and water for the troops. My office door slammed open and my hand slid under my desk to the pistol I had there and brought it up. Grace advanced on me and I angled the gun to one side in relief. Grace reached over the desk and pulled me out of my chair and she casually disarmed me in my shock. She was casually carrying my gun in her hand and all my concentration was focused on not getting shot with my own gun. Grace started banging on my computer and I had enough time to wonder if there was a backup keyboard and mouse in the office before she pointed at the screen imperiously.

Sure enough there was my authorization for Hans to use the forces I had allocated on standby. You know Hans has my clearance to expedite stuff. You do too come to think of it. I sighed and started going through the complicated coded system me and Hans communicated in. Several text messages later Hans rang my phone. A snort of laughter was my reply.

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He must have hacked your email and pulled my contact info. When I am done, nobody will care what she is up to. I just like to be close enough to see the carnage.

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I had the phone on speaker but she snatched it out of my hand anyways. Have an apple pie waiting for me when I get back. Hans was certainly going to pay for that little comment.

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I suspected he knew it but he was probably hoping that if he did get killed it would dull the pain a little which had me worried. Grace stomped out of the office without looking back. I wondered who was going to be my go between now with the rest of the family. I sighed and started towards the door preparing in my mind how I was going to deal with The Leper when I got to his cubicle. There was something crawling up my inner-thigh and it really tickled. I sighted down the barrel of my shiny new L96 sniper rifle.

The house set a quarter mile from the fence still had the lights on and my target was just sitting down at his desk in the study. I checked the wind one last time and gave my scope an extra click. I fired and was rewarded with a clean hit.

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  6. I hopped out of the tree and dug in my pants for the offending critter and crushed the life out of it. I had about half an hour at least before they would find my firing position. I jogged down the animal track and to the stream where my boat was waiting.